These are the rules for activating this work:

1. Never lose this paper.

2. It lays in your hands the decision to activate this work. If you don’t, you may alternatively use the Polaroid as a visual and mental extension of the idea we have developed.

3. When ready, if ever, cut the diamond’s envelope and insert the diamond in the deflated balloon.

4. Go to a store, factory or equivalent to fill the balloon with helium, making sure the diamond remains inside the balloon.

5. Close the balloon firmly with two nots.

6. Finally, go to an outdoor open space and, after taking a deep breath, free the balloon towards the sky.

7. Never look back.

Dream (to Inês), 2021
Box containing a certified diamond, a white latex balloon and the instructions manual, framed Polaroid
Variable dimensions

Work in collaboration with Fábio Colaço

Images © Fábio Colaço.